Anonymous asked:

i kinda wanted to fuck you until i found out you were raped thats just too much baggage for me to deal with tbh

peanutbutterandsquats answered:

oh no i’m soooo sad what ever will i do

kidding get the fuck out here with your trifling ass you think i give a single shit whether you want to fuck me or not? you would have never had the damn chance i wouldn’t have touched you with a 50 fucking foot pole you insignificant scum. sorry that your biggest baggage is that you can’t get a girl in bed. go play in traffic you damn baboon




People need to fuck off. Cat is fucking amazing and just because you can’t handle her “baggage” doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the best people out there.

I don’t know yall but:: It’s so funny to me that when survivors of rape speak about their assualts we suddenly have too much baggage. Like being raped carries damage that is “just too much baggage to deal with tbh ahahalololol”. But raping someone leaves no damage, no baggage at all. Image dating a person who has actually raped. Imagine that damaging relationship. Imagine a man (or woman) so dysfunctional and deranged that they rape someone and then imagine getting in a relationship with that person.

No one ever speaks about how much baggage being in a relationship with a rapist could possibly be.

It’s always survivors who have “too much baggage”

This is really important ^^^